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The social security system is complicated. The welfare system has faced and continues to face massive changes to the way it works.

The next big change is the roll out of Universal Credit, which will happen in automatic for new claimants and in phases for existing claimants.

We advise you to look at the changes which you think will affect you and then get advice.

Entitlement to these benefits and the amount you receive depend on how much income and capital you have. The particular needs of you and your family are also taken into account. You do not need to have paid any national insurance contributions.
Non-means tested
Usually your income and capital will not affect your entitlement. For some non-means tested benefits you will need to have paid enough national insurance contributions.
With Jobseekers allowance and also employment and support allowance, you could, in some cases, be entitled to both means-tested and non-means tested elements of the same benefit. For example, if you need additional help with housing costs.
We can help you with advice for
Universal Credit
Employment and support allowance
Disability Living Allowance / Personal Independence Payment
Income Support
Housing benefit and council tax reduction
Jobseekers allowance
Pension credit
We are good at getting cases resolved at an early stage but do regularly take on appeals up to Tribunal level.
You can calculate your benefits entitlement using this link -
Access Benefits Calculator
How we help you.
We Discuss your problem.
You can directly get in touch with us and discuss your problem. We might need more details and papers to better understand your situation.
We help you with advice.
We take a look at your situation, we’ll provide you information on options you have and what support you might be entitled to.
We plan for your success.
Lastly, we’ll work together with you to allow you to plan where you want to be and how to get there. We aim to empower users to make positive choices.
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