Debt & Money Advice

Access to credit can be really help and at times a necessity in the modern world.

Difficulties are often caused by an unexpected events outside your control, ie unemployment, bereavement or illness. At time evens an unexpectedly high bill can people living on tight margins and budgets.

Difficulties with money, especially unresolved and not tackled, can cause massive distress, suffering and health problems.

We have accredited debt advisers who can help you to take control of your finances. Nucleus staff are FCA registered, members of the Institute Of Money Advisors and some are accredited.

We can help you with
Priority debts ie Rent or mortgages arrears, Council Tax, Overpayments, Gas/ Electric bills or Court fines etc to protect you from serious consequences.
We also help to get on top of non-priority debts to allow you to breathe a bit easier ie Credit card debts, Pay-day Loans, Catalogue or hire Purchase.
The team offers face to face appointments to help you get a comprehensive insight into the situation i.e. liability, help you prioritising and advising on your options and helping you to decide the best way to tackle your debts. This include up to applying for a debt relief order or bankrupcy.
Our accredited debt advisors can also put a hold on your case by application for using Breathing Space and allow you time to negotiate a repayment plans.
Our advisors also are approved intermediaries, this means they can apply for  a Debt Relief Orders – a similar, quicker and more cost effective bankrupcy.
Before you start on your advice journey, you need to create budget – a list of your income, a list of your spendings and a list of who you owe money to (including how much).
You can use either the paper document or excel sheet to create an income -
How we help you.
We Discuss your problem.
You can directly get in touch with us and discuss your problem. We might need more details and papers to better understand your situation.
We help you with advice.
We take a look at your situation, we’ll provide you information on options you have and what support you might be entitled to.
We plan for your success.
Lastly, we’ll work together with you to allow you to plan where you want to be and how to get there. We aim to empower users to make positive choices.
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