Housing Advice

Housing in and around West London is one of the biggest problems facing our users.

Housing available to most of our users, who are on a low income, is cramped, expensive and in a bad state of repair. We believe that without an affordable home where you feel warm, safe and secure it is hard to fully participate and contribute to your local community.

Our staff are experienced in helping people with a wide range of tenancies including council or housing association, assured shorthold and protected tenancies. We take on cases work up to County Court level.

Finding accommodation and moving is very expensive, yet most of our poorest residents face having to move regularly, up to every 6 months, even if they have kept to the agreement.

Not only can this be very expensive with high moving costs, finding new furnishings  but it , again, acts as  barrier to contributing to the local community.

This affects everything from building a supportive network, settling into school to building up records for access to affordable credit.

We cannot provide secure housing but we can give advice on options
Navigating Homelessness.
Fighting eviction from your home.
Help on staying in your home.

Our holistic approach to advice, in-depth knowledge of the benefit system and  expertise with debt advice, helps us advise on making your rent payments more affordable and can help you negotiate repayments of your arrears.

How we help you.
We Discuss your problem.
You can directly get in touch with us and discuss your problem. We might need more details and papers to better understand your situation.
We help you with advice.
We take a look at your situation, we’ll provide you information on options you have and what support you might be entitled to.
We plan for your success.
Lastly, we’ll work together with you to allow you to plan where you want to be and how to get there. We aim to empower users to make positive choices.
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