Biographical Identity Test For UC Claimants Who Have No Documents
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DWP Minister Will Quince confirmed the process for Universal Credit (UC) claimants, who are unable to provide documentary evidence to verify their identity:

“Claimants who are unable to provide documentary evidence can undergo a biographical test. Biographical questions are generated onto a BIO template using information held on the Customer Information System (Searchlight). This can be done by telephone or in person at a Jobcentre, and it does not cause any delay as it can be done within the first assessment period.  
In addition, the Flexible Support Fund can be used to support the claimant to obtain new ID in the form of duplicate driving licences, birth certificates etc, and can help with opening new bank accounts if necessary.”

Further DWP guidance on biographical tests and checks for UC is in Identity Verification deposited in the House of Commons Library.

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