Free advice from a team of highly experienced legal professionals

Mission statement : To help provide access to justice for disadvantaged members of the community through the provision of information, advice, assistance, representation and education in social welfare law

We are a Not-for-Profit voluntary sector charity limited by guarantee . This means that:

  • our prime aim is to provide a service that helps people by giving quality advice and assistance in social welfare issues
  • we are a not for profit organisation
  • we are managed by a committee of experts who give their time and expertise free to the charity

We get funding from a number of sources :
Our core funding is provided via a service level agreement with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBK&C). This covers specialist advise in our main areas of work plus general caseswork across other main popular queries.  We are grateful to the council for their support over the last 40 odd  years.

We use this funding to provide advice on Debt, EmploymentHousing, Welfare Rights up to representation at court. We provide general casework in Employment, Family and legal procedure. We can also provide general legal information to local people.

Currently we have an additional debt project to help local people improve their financial management skills. We also can help apply for bankruptcies and/or debt relief orders. We can provide advice under the pan London Capitalise, this can be e mail , phone or face to face.

We work with Campden Charities to help their beneficiaries with debt counselling and financial  awareness training. This service includes helping people to apply for a Debt Relief Order or bankruptcy.

Housing advice casework to county court level is funded by the Legal aid scheme.

We provide benefits advice ( and advise on other matters) under our service level agreement with RBKC.