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EmploymentHelp for local residents in need of Employment advice.

Nucleus works (in partnership with the Trust for London) to help people get effective expert advice on employment advice.

Our Employment  solicitors are passionate about helping employees  to find the best solution to their employment problems. Our team has  extensive experience of representing at Employment Tribunal. We use this experience  to help with negotiations from day one  to get the  the best outcome for you  quickly. Both solicitors can provide phone advice, face to face advice and  representation at Employment Tribunal and High Court actions.

We deal with dismissals, group and individual redundancies,TUPE, compromise/ settlement agreement  or discrimination and much more on a contingency fee arrangement .

Case studies


Fareed was employed as a Customer Service adviser when he was subjected to offensive comments by his colleagues relating to his sexual orientation.

When Fareed raised complaints to his managers about being discriminated against no action was taken against the wrongdoers and the treatment continued. Fareed put up with the treatment for a year and then when he could not stand it any more resigned.

He came to us seeking advice and we then lodged a claim for constructive dismissal, discrimination, harassment and victimisation.

Following a preliminary hearing and comments made by the Employment Judge, his employer proposed an out of court settlement: after lengthy negotiations we secure Fareed a 5 figure settlement and reference and has gone on to a new job.


Charlie was employed by his company for over 20 years when he suffered a stroke and could not return to work for a few months. His employer made assumptions that he would never return to work, made inappropriate comments made about his disability by his manager in the dismissal meeting and without obtaining medical evidence or making an occupational health referral the employer dismissed him on grounds of capability
We wrote to the employer setting out that Charlie had protection against discrimination under the Equality Act 2010 and that Charlie had been unfairly dismissed and discriminated against due to his disability.
We offered the employer an opportunity to resolve the matter prior to proceeding to the Employment Tribunal and were able to secure a 5 figure settlement for Charlie and a fair reference.
He is now looking for alternative employment .

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