Debt Solutions

Debt Cloud 1We have specialist Debt Counsellors and Money Advisers to help and advise clients who have problems with debt, including: bills, credit cards, loans, rent/mortgage arrears, consumer agreements, debt relief orders and bankruptcy applications.

Unfortunately it is virtually impossible to live in the UK without access to credit i.e. taking on debts. Whether you are becoming a student to invest in your future or taking out a mortgage to invest in a home or just making end meet, most people are juggling their limited income to pay back what they owe.

However, with the increasing unemployment rates and drops in income, many find that previously manageable credit cards, loans or other debts are increasingly unaffordable.

Difficulties with money can cause stress and health problems.

We provide 1-to-1 debt advice from casework up to making application for bankruptcy at the High Court. We also provide training courses for groups such as older people and students on budgeting and financial literacy.

  • Helping to maximize your income, including looking at tax, benefits and charity applications
  • looking at your expenditure, to help work out how much your really need to budget for
  • prioritising some debts, such as your rent and council tax
  • using any surplus income to come to an arrangements with your non priority debts such a credit cards and loans – these organisations often wrongly “harass” people to pay back more than they afford.
  • advice on the pros and cons of Debt Relief Orders or bankruptcy. Many people are scared of DROs and bankruptcies; remember that, ordinarily, it is a process to help you meet your liabilities and start afresh, not to punish you.

The first and best thing you can do is start by producing a budget looking at your income and expenditure. You could use this excel spreadsheet – it helps you avoid the most common mistake when converting weeks to month and vice versa!

You can use this tool to help you create a financial statement.

We are also a part of Cash flow – once we have helped you produce an income/expenditure sheet, you can keep it for downloading as and when you need to send it to your creditors.

We have a free Do-it-yourself Debt Pack and a Bankruptcy Pack, which take you the two processes step by step.

We are accredited to issue Debt Relief Orders for people whose case meets the criteria.

Case studies


Heelema  is a single vulnerable woman in receipt of ESA and DLA to help with her disability.   She needed to heat her home to help with her condition.  As she was at home for mot fo the time she soon fell into electricity arrears. In an attempt to  clear the debt she had stopped heating her home.   When the winter  made her condition worse she turned to us for help. We helped her make a  EDF grant application , who kindly  awarded £1196.00 to clear her arrears, making her debt free and giving her a fresh start.



Anna’s business was failing; she approached our office in regards to her mortgage arrears, on buy to let property. Her arrears were £2,600.00 and the lender started possession proceedings. Anna got into debt because her tenant did not pay for rent.

We tried to negotiate the payment arrangement and suspend court proceedings before the court hearing, however it was unsuccessful. We represented Anna in the West London County Court to try and stop possession of her flat. Anna was granted an adjournment on terms that she pays current instalment plus small amount towards arrears.

Anna did not lose her property and her credit reference status was not affected which was help to her continuing to try and get her business off the ground.


Winston is a pensioner, living alone in rented accommodation and in receipt of state retirement pension and Pension Credit. He approached Nucleus with credit debts of almost £11,000 which he was unable to repay.

Given his age and health it is unlikely that his financial circumstances are likely to improve. Nucleus assisted Winston in obtaining a Debt Relief Order which will mean none of his creditors can take any action against him for the next year – buying him breathing space.

If his circumstances do not improve Winston’s debts will be written off after one year allowing Winston a fresh start.


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