Core Services

Core - Cloud 19.4We are  a community advice centre – we serve a area of high need- among the 20% most deprived wards in the UK.

We believe good quick access is important: especially when people are anxious and worried about issues they are facing.

Currently we provide:

  • 3 open door Quick Advice sessions across the week, each is at a different time. At these sessions you can get direct access to experienced advisor without an appointment. You get a professional opinion and chances of winning there and then. We want to help you find a solution.
  • 2  telephone advice lines, operated and answered by experienced advisors. We keep these lines open for over 40 hours every week. You get to talk directly with people who understand you problem . It’s good to talk through your problems; we will try and help find you solutions straight away.
  • Appointments are available throughout the week for complex and follow up work. We will try to get you an appointment within the week.

Home visit if you who are housebound and cannot get to us.