Advice Services

We provide free expert advice and assistance in social welfare law: dealing with people when they are their most vulnerable – when they have little or no money and when they are trying to get access to basic needs, housing for shelter, benefits, support for food,  rights at work and care for health problems.

Our overarching aim is to provide holistic advice which is independent, impartial and which tackles your underlying and long term problems. This requires creating services that are based on the individual’s needs rather than simply treating the short-term symptoms.

Providing timely access to free advice and assistance when it is needed most is a hugely powerful empowering tool.

Firstly, in informing and providing insight on the things that affect major life decisions.

Secondly, by providing information on options you have that what support you might be entitled to. This can encourage active decision-making to grab back control.

Bespoke advice designed around the individual.

The centre operates a client-centred service; we aim to empower and enable users to take positive choices.

We want to use our experience and our expertise to help interpret legislation and assess your rights and obligations.

Practically, this involves us, at the outset of any query, confirming in writing:

  • What choices you have
  • The likely outcome of any decisions made on those choices
  • What action we will take
  • What action you need to take
  • How far we can take the matter