Management Committee

Trustees help to plan and shape the future development. Each individual acts as a company director – collectedly they are charged with strategic development, human resources, funding and monitoring performance against our business plans and our charitable mission. This structure helps ensure we are accountable to local communities. The committee meets every month.


Robert Allan

Robert Allan, originally from Brighton, has spent the last 45 years in Central London. His background includes a 40+ year practice as a lawyer predominantly in the music business. He is now retired, although continues to lecture in his subject. Robert feels strongly that Nucleus should also be supported by private charitable funding.


Roy Hiscock

Roy is a chartered accountant and has been treasurer of Nucleus since 1997. He has been involved as an accountant within the voluntary sector for about 20 years, having spent many years working for a firm of auditors, so is almost a "gamekeeper turned poacher".

Loves: opera (especially Monteverdi, Mozart, Verdi, Wagner and Berg), music (especially Mozart, Beethoven, Berlioz and Berg), theatre (Shakespeare, Ibsen and Beckett), And travel (especially outside Europe).

Dislikes: pretentiousness.


Charles Eder

Charles Eder has been a part of Nucleus Legal Advice Centre since 2007. As a trustee he has particularly been interested in aspects of fund raising and communication, in particular Nucleus’ website. Charles has also had the honour of representing Nucleus at many functions and training sessions.

He has worked for over 20 years in the non-profit sector in many countries in Europe and Africa as well as in the USA and in India. He holds an MBA and a European Master in Environmental Management and currently works in London in the property and finance industry


Alan Murdie - Chair

Alan has been involved with Nucleus, in various capacities, since 1993.  He is a leading authority of Debt and Enforcement.

Alan has written and broadcast extensively on his specialism including the current CPAG Council tax book.  Alan was the Head of intellectual property at Thames Valley University in 1990s.

Alan is passionate about justice and protecting the rights of the individual.